What is the best job management software?

What is the best job management software?
When it comes to choosing job management software for your business, there’s an awful lot of competition out there. With such a large array of software solutions, contract models, service packages and more to wade through, choosing the best can be difficult?

So, what makes the best job management software for you and your team?


This is key. Your job management software is going to be used by nearly every member of your company, whether they work in the board room or out in the field. You need a solution that can be easily understood and operated by all your team, even those who might be less tech-savvy than the others.


There are some job management solutions that are tailored to a specific industry or sector. Whilst this might seem to make some sense, it’s rarely a good idea. For a start, it restricts future growth – many companies (either through choice or necessity) diversify their skill set as they expand, offering more to their clients. With a tightly-regimented job management software, you can find yourself having to reinvest in a new software solution. Likewise, if you’re working with sub-contractors and freelancers, you need the flexibility to account for their unique work roles within your team.


In any business, circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. What works for you right now, might not do following a major restructure, merger, or similar change to the corporate landscape. Being tied in to a long-term contract might not only stifle future growth, but also result in wasted money should the time come to stop using it.

Try before you buy

Job management software is a major investment and rarely something you can get to grips with in a matter of hours. When choosing your solution, you need one that offers a free trial period – one that lets you immerse yourself in the software. Ideally, this trial should involve no exchange of financial details, and no obligation to purchase. After all, if the product is all that they say it is, neither of those is necessary.

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