How Small Business Job Scheduling Software can Improve Efficiency

How Small Business Job Scheduling Software can Improve Efficiency

No matter what industry you operate in, the efficiency and productivity of your workforce is a key component to your success. If you’ve noticed a drop in either of these areas, the fault might not lie with your team, but with whether they are being managed effectively.

Job scheduling software, such as Webfletch Business Manager, could be the exact solution you need to handle your efficiency concerns. Here are just a few ways that quality job scheduling software can help your small business.

Prevent employee fatigue

Job scheduling software lets you see at a glance which employees are doing what. You can see which members of staff are taking on the most jobs, the lengthiest jobs, and so on. This allows you to distribute the incoming work most effectively, reducing the risk of overworking any members of your team.

Less time spent scheduling

The main attraction of job scheduling software is that it reduces the time you have to spend actually scheduling. The old way of keeping a calendar or diary and sending email, phone, or text updates to your field team could take hours of your working week. With a program like Webfletch Business Manager, the scheduling is handled at the same time that you approve the job. You add the details of the job, assign it to a member of staff and it is populated immediately to the calendar and your main dashboard. This saves you time that could be more usefully spent elsewhere in the business.

Easy-to-handle changes

With job scheduling software you can re-assign a job at the click of a button and know that your team are made aware of the changes in real-time. This helps you to streamline your field team. If a member of staff is dealing with a job in a certain location and another one crops up that could be fitted in the same day, you can do it then and there. Likewise, if a member of the team calls in sick, you can reassign instantly, ensuring their replacement has all the information they need on their job sheet, even at the last minute.

Planning for the future

Job scheduling software can also show you where your company is headed in the immediate future. It can show a reasonable approximation of you cash flow based on invoices sent out, as well as future work based on quotes accepted. This allows you to plan for the future – taking on temporary staff where need, or financing the growth of your business.

If you’re a business looking to improve the efficiency of your team, then sign up today to the Webfletch Business Manager and take advantage of our free, 30-day, no-obligation trial.